Friday, 7 September 2012

Significance Of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi is also termed as living goddess, placed in the courtyard of houses and various temples. As per a mythological tale, Lord Vishu helped in bringing Tulsi to the earth for its betterment. It is said that, whenever a Tulsi is planted at any place, that place becomes holy place and not a single energy or evil eye can cross that place.
Tulsi is a plant that consists of very aromatic leaves as well as minute glands. The seeds of this plant are mainly red and yellow in color, whereas flower is of purple color. It carries several beneficial effects and acts as anti-viral, anti-bacterial as well as anti-microbial agent.
The mercury traces in the leaves of this plant is used for the treatment of deadly diseases such as cancer and many other health disorders such as upset stomach and bronchitis. It works very effectively in curing common cold and flu. The leaves of the holy plant are also very good for skin problems.
Tulsi Mala made from the 108 beads of dried stem of this plant is considered as a sign of devotion and dedication towards the God. It has also been used for treating high fever and disorders caused by wind aliments.

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