Saturday, 22 September 2012

Natural Qualities Of Conch Shells

In  ancient time, our ancestors used the natural objects as a power object and Conch Shell is one of them, which carries various magical uses and power in it. As it has emerged from the sea water, it is considered as strong water element. It also carries some power of moon. Both the energies from moon and water are termed as a feminine energy which helps an individual to acquire the things of their desire. Shells need to be energised before getting used for its magical purpose. You can keep the shells acquired from the seashores in a bowl with water and sea salt and place the bowl under direct sunlight and moon light for a complete day and night.

The conch shell is considered as a symbol of Aphrodite, which is considered as a symbol of love in Green tradition. It helps an individual to attract their mate by wearing it any form of jewellery. It has believed that writing the initial of lover on inside wall of each of the shell and then sticking it with glue helps two of them together for always.

It also carries an element to attract money through it. Many countries used these shells as a currency; North America and Africa are two of them. It has been said that, a pouch consisting of seashell and silver coin increases the inflow of money that can be used at the place of your business. An individual can also keep these seashells in their wallet for money inflow. 

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