Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Ultimate Power Of Lord Ganesha

As per the Hindu tradition or custom, Lord Ganesha is the beginning and ending of any important or special occasion or thing. It has been believed that, Lord Ganesha has lots of power and individuals who worship this deity on a regular basis get lots of success, wisdom, prosperity and fame in their life. The blessings of Lord Ganesha keep all kind of negative energy or evil power away from you.
It has believed that Lord Ganesha consists of five significant elements that the universe is made up of and they are:

1.     Earth or Bhumi: Solid in the form of Turmeric.
2.     Space or Akash: Container in the form of Universe.
3.     Air or Vaayu: Gas In the form of life through Lord Shiva.
4.     Water or Jal: Liquid in the form of Holy water of river Ganga.
5.     Fire or Agni: Energy in the form of heat that exists in Shiva.
All these five unification is the purest form of elements. As a human being we all can see these five element separately on this earth, but all these elements exists in Lord Ganesha all together and that can be felt by the one who has huge faith is a serious devotee of this deity. An individual can achieve lots of power as well as ultimate bliss by worshipping and meditating deity whole-heartedly.

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