Friday, 5 October 2012

What Is Pitru Paksh?

Pitru Paksha is also referred as a Mahalaya Paksh that falls on dark fortnight of the month Ashvina as per the Hindi calendar or September or October. This period is considered as the best time for performing rituals to offer peace to the soul of the deceased ancestors. In the year 2012, Pitru Paksha started from 30th September and will last for 15 days that means will remain till 15th of October.

Pitru Paksh is considered as a perfect time for repaying the debt to the departed ancestors by offering rest to their soul with the help of rituals. In Hindu tradition, it has been believed that by performing rituals to the late ancestors’ one can keep them alive in between them. It has been believed that the Lord of Death ‘Yamaraja’ allows the departed soul to come down on earth to receive the love and respect that has been offered by their descendants. The last day of the Pitru Paksh that comes on new moon day is considered as the most auspicious day of this period to do the rites and obsequies. An individual can perform the rituals on the particular day on which they have lost their ancestors.

The rituals can be offered for paternal sides such as grandfather or father or for mother from maternal side.

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