Thursday, 11 October 2012

Use Of Mala For Meditation

Mala is nothing but a combination of 108 beads in a thread that can be used for prayer or meditation. It is also commonly referred as meditation mala or japa mala. It normally gets used for counting the number of mantra chanting during meditation by maintaining their concentration. The use of mala is very much common and popular in many of the regions for spiritual purpose.

The mala can be of various forms depending on the beads such as Rudraksha, Tulsi, Sandalwood and crystal beads. Mala made up of various form of beads carries various different healing properties along with them and it leaves very subtle effects on sub-conscious mind of an individual. The mala is consists of 109 beads in which the 109th bead is termed as the guru bead that distinguish the first and the last beads while meditation. The usual way of using this mala for meditation is holding it in the right hand in between the middle finger and thumb.  The user can rotate the mala by crossing each bead after every single mantra chanting and for repeating the chanting one should not cross the Guru bead, they can repeat the chanting by going in the reverse manner.

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