Saturday, 6 October 2012

Crystal Shri Yantra For Wealth & Prosperity

Yantras are considered as a symbol of peace, harmony and prosperity in life. It has very strong significance in the culture of Hindu. It has been believed that these geometrical symbols can bring lots of positive changes in one’s life by removing or reducing the negative power or the energy. These Yantras can also be used to serve specific purpose to fulfil the desired result such as to gain unconditional love, health, money, job security, safety, peace as well as happiness in life. Shri Yantra is one of them that help in establishing to happiness in life.

The word Shri itself means wealth or propriety and Shri Yantra is one such symbol that is considered as a tool to enhance the wealth and the abundance in the life of an individual. The Yantra is made up of special paper, metals, gemstones or any alloys. The Lotus flower on the Yantra represents the various chakras that are considered as various energy points of our body. The dot denotes the origin of infinite, whereas upward triangle denotes Lord Shiva and the triangle pointing towards downward is representation of Goddess or Shakti. The swastika on the Shri Yantra carries properties of good luck as well as spiritual energy. The Shri Yantra made up of crystal serves the same purpose and helps an individual to achieve wealth, prosperity and happiness in life.

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