Saturday, 6 October 2012

Significance Of Tiger’s Eye Mala

Tiger’s Eye gemstone is a stone that can be used for spiritual protection and considered as grounding stone. It is one of the power balancing stones that provides a clear view point to the individual who wears it.

The mala made from the Tiger’s Eye gemstone is mainly used for counting the number of chanting during prayer. However, it can also be used for reminding an individual about the spirituality as well as to enhance their spiritual goals. When an individual uses this mala, it helps him or to remain connected with the divine power by doing the spiritual practice on daily basis.

It has been believed that all the stones or crystals carry spiritual energy in it that heighten energy vibration of each crystal that emits positive energy from it, which acts as a blessing, accentuates and protection against the negative or the evil power or energy. It is also true that these powerful crystals are attuned with the powerful Reiki that enhances the spiritual protection or the blessing in these crystals or stones.

However, it is very important to establish the inner spiritual power before performing or practising meditation with the help of the mala for better effect, as the crystals or the stones just act as a supplement to the inner spiritual protection and the strength of an individual. Each mala or the bracelet differs from each other depending on their size, shape or colour of Tiger’s Eye gemstone.

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