Friday, 5 October 2012

Use & Significance Of Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are also termed as Rosaries that usually used in almost all religions for counting the repetitions of the prayers offered to their respective Gods. It has also been getting used for the mantra chanting, protection against negativity of evil power, meditation, for relaxation or to relieve stress.

The use of these Prayer beads for the meditation purpose is as old as of the human history. It is not just a coincidence that prayer beads generally used in almost every religion. It carries very effective metaphysical, physical and psychological properties along with it.

These beads carry very positive energy along with it that can be brought into one’s life by its regular use. The colorful and the charming gloss of the gemstones attract many numbers of people to it since ages and from that time every gemstone carries special meaning. For example, Indians believes that the Turquoise stone provides protection against the negative energy and has been used during wartime by the warriors to stay protected or to reduce the effect of evil power

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