Thursday, 18 October 2012

Brahmacharini - Second Form Of Goddess Durga

Festival of nine days, Navaratri is one of the most popular and scared festivals of Hindu culture or tradition, which is dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine different forms. Each day of this festival is dedicated to one form of Mother Goddess. The second day of Navaratri has been referred as a day of Goddess Brahmacharini in various Hindu mythological books. The word ‘Brahma’ refers to meditative aspect of the Brahmacharini and represents Sannyasin or the pious women. 

This form of Goddess Durga has two arms in which she carries water pot and a rosary. On the second day of Navaratri, in some part of the north India as well as western region of country, devotes of Goddess Durga worship Goddess Chamunda and Goddess Tara on this day. Goddess Chamuda is the one who killed the demons called Chanda and the Munda. However, in some part of country first three days of this festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

The second form of Goddess Durga is associated to the pious form of Maa Shakti. She is considered as the form of Maa Durga who represents the Goddess Parvati as well as Goddess Sati, who did intense austerities for many years to get the Lord Shiva as her husband.  

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