Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sphatik Mala – Physical, Mental And Spiritual Purifier

Sphatik is a power stone, which has also been referred as Quartz crystal. This power crystal is mainly getting used for enhancing positive energy by absorbing, amplifying, storing, focusing, balancing as well as transmitting. This stone is mainly a symbol of clarity that dissipates and removes the negative energy from its surrounding. It is mainly used as a purifying element for mental, physical as well as spiritual planes. Sphatik power stone is also considered as a crystal of harmony as it helps in maintaining balance in between the energies and enhances the romantic relationships. It can also be used as a protecting element as it reduces or diminishes the effect of the black magic or evil eyes. It is one of the best forms of healer due to which it has been getting used for various diagnostic healing.

Benefits of Sphatik Mala:
-        Sphatik mala consists of 108 Sphatik beads and one additional bead.
-        These beads are round/double diamond/diamond and clear in appearance.
-        This mala is mainly related to the planet Venus.
-        This mala helps in enhancing the concentration power and helps in keeping mind and body cool as well as calm.
-        It can also be used for mantra chanting or meditation.

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