Monday, 15 October 2012

Information About Sphatik

Sphatik can be described as the snow crystal that appears with transparent, smooth sand lustrous stone. In the Indian astrology, the Sphatik is considered as a substitute of the diamond that gets used to please to the planet Venus.

The Sphatik Shri Yantra has been getting considered as a symbol of the prosperity and success in one’s life. Sphatik mala also possess a very significant place in the spirituality and gets used for the meditation purpose. It has been said that the individual who worship these shaptik symbol on a regular basis achieves happiness, good luck and prosperity in their life.

Origin of Shaptik:
Quartz is one of the most common terms that get used for referring the Shaptik. The word ‘quartz’ basically comes from the German word ‘Quarz’ that is of the Slavic origin, the Czech miners referred it krem. While some of the other people believe that the word ‘quartz’ comes from ‘querkluftertz’, a Saxon word.

Working of Sphatik:
Sphatik is a very good conductor of power and energy. They possess strong field of energy and light that can be used for the sonic protection against the negative vibration. It can be used for the purpose of cleanse and purification of the atmosphere.

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