Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Various Ways To Keep Navaratri Fast

Navaratri is one of the most popular festivals in Hindu tradition. It has been considered as the festival of power, happiness and prosperity. There are many individuals who keep nine days fast during Navaratri, where as some keep a partial fast during this time and abstain themselves from the non-vegetarian foods as well as alcohol. This year, the festival is starting from 16th October and it will end on 24th October.

The festival is basically dedicated to the Goddess Durga, whereas in some part of South India the festival is dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati. In the mythological books of Hindu, it has been said that the significance of Navaratri fast was actually narrated by the Goddess Durga itself to one of her favorite devotee.

There are many people who keep complete fast during nine days of Navaratri and do worship Goddess Durga in the form of kalash or idol, in the morning. There are some people who stay on just fruits and milk for entire nine days and some just take one meal in a day during this Navaratri period. There is strict rule that one needs to follow to worship Mother Goddess. One can perform the rituals as per their capacity and believe to seek the blessings of the Goddess Durga.

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