Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rudraksha Beads Does Not Carry Any Side Effects

In Hindu mythology, it has been said that when after thousands years of meditation, Lord Shiva opened his eyes and due to worldly compassion he shed few drops of tears, it got transformed into seeds and later those seeds grew into Rudraksha trees. Due to this reason, the Rudraksha beads that grow on Rudraksha trees are considered as very scared and auspicious in Hindu culture or tradition.

The Rudraksha bead carries numerous healing properties in it. The mala made from these Rudraksha beads are believed as the carrier of Shakti or power and calmness. It has been scientifically proven that the Rudraksha beads helps in stimulating the heart chakra and can be used for meditation as well as for protection from various evil powers or the negative energy. Monday is considered as the most auspicious day to wear this bead for the first time, as Monday is referred as the day of Lord Shiva also.

Any individual can wear the Rudraksha beads to get its benefits, as it does not carry any kind of side effects. The mala made from Rudraksha beads are also very much popular in other religions also and the Nepal is one such place, where these beads are found in a large scale. 

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  1. Nice Post
    Rudraksha Bead is hindu religious bead and it carries different types of powers in it which
    helps to protect us from evil eye and plroblems.