Thursday, 11 October 2012

Power Of Red Sandalwood Mala

Red Sandalwood mala is considered as one of the sacred mala that has been getting used for meditation or to worship, since ages. This mala is made up of the 108 scented beads of sandalwood along with one additional bead of any other metal or of sandalwood bead in bigger size. It can be worn in neck or as a bracelet.

It has been believed that mantra chanting with the help of this mala provided very beneficial effects to an individual. It also carries various healing properties along with it and also helps in reducing the anxiety and stress level. It also has a very positive effect on our nervous system. Red Sandalwood mala is considered as one of the symbol of eternity. It is also considered as the favorite of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Ganesha and helps an individual to get their blessings. It is also one of the best symbols to remove the negative or the evil energy from the surrounding and purifies the mind, soul and body of the wearer or the carrier of this mala. It also offers complete freedom of thinking or thoughts and helps an individual to remove the qualities like ego from one’s life. 

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