Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First Avatar Of Goddess Durga

Navratri festival is one of the most popular festivals in Hindu culture and this year it is starting from 16th October in year 2012. The festival is celebrated across the country with lot of faith and believes in Goddess Durga since ages. Although, in different parts of the country, celebration takes place in various forms but still the main believe behind this festival is to worship Goddess Durga and her different nine avatars.

The festival of Navratri starts with the Lalash Sthapna or the Ghata Sthapana at various puja mandals as well as at various houses also. The first day of Navratra is dedicated to the first avatar of Goddess Durga – Mata Shailputri.

In various mythological books it has been said that the Mata Shailputri, daughter of mountain king Himvantha is the first among all the nine avatar of Goddess Durga. Hence, first day of navratri is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri. Mata Shailputri is also commonly referred as Mata Parvati, who is married to Lord Shiva. In her previous birth she was referred as Sati Bhavani Mata, the daughter of King Daksha. Devotees of Goddess Durga worship Mata Parvati on the very first day of Navratri festival. Trisula is considered as a weapon of Mata Shailputri that she holds in her right hand, whereas in her left hand she holds a lotus flower. Bull is considered as a vehicle. The blissful looks and pleasant smile describes the appearance of Mata Shailputri.

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