Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rudraksha Seeds & Its Various Types

Rudraksha is considered as the most scared and auspicious spiritual element due to its direct co-relation with the Lord Shiva. Many mythological books of Hindu culture say that the Rudraksha seeds are a symbol in which presence of Lord Shiva can be felt, due to this believe this symbol has been getting worshiped by numbers of devotees since ages. Rudraksha seeds are also termed as Rudraksha beads.
Rudraksha seeds have been getting used as a protecting element and for mediation purpose in India as well as in Nepal. It has been believed that worshiping these seeds or wearing Rudraksha seed helps an individual to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva and to enhance the spiritual quality in them.

Different types of Rudraksha Seeds:
It has been observed that on just one tree different types of Rudraksha seeds grow up. The Rudraksha seeds can mainly be distinguished, depending on its colour, size and mukhi of Rudraksha Seeds.
Rudraksha Mukhi or MuKhi of Rudraksha can be described as the number of clearly visible lines on one seed of Rudraksha. These lines are also considered as a symbol of different gods. For example, only one line clearly visible with bare eyes is termed as One Mukhi Rudraksha, similarly two, three and so on numbers of line visible on Rudraksha beads is termed as Two Mukhi Rudraksha, Three Mukhi Rudraksha respectively. There are total 21 types or mukhi of Rudraksha that has been found till date. 

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