Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Various Attributes Of Tulsi

Tulsi is considered as one of the most scared plants in the Hindu tradition or culture. The mala made from the beads of Tulsi is getting used for mantra chanting and meditation since ages. It consists of 108 beads of Tulsi along with one addition bead of other material or a larger Tulsi bead aligned with the help of string, which has a knot in between every two Tulsi beads. The additional bead is also termed Guru Beads, which helps for maintaining difference between the first and the last Tulsi bead.

Attributes of Tulsi:
Tulsi belongs to the family of basil herbs, is considered as highly auspicious and can be found at every Indian house, as it has been believed that the Tulsi plant purifies the atmosphere and bring positive energy along with it. It has also been said that the Tulsi plant is a favourite of Lord Vishnu and helps in getting the blessings of the lord. The Tulsi mala is considered as the derivative of the Tulsi plant at home.

Healing Property of Tulsi:
Tulsi plant is one of greatest healers of various health disorders. The mala made from the dried stem of the Tulsi plant also acts as a natural healer. It has capability to cure health disorders such as common cold, chronic fever, and the throat disorders. It also acts as a great healer for many skin related disorders. In just one simple sentence, it is a perfect element overcomes various health disorders as well as imperceptible impurities.

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