Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Importance Of Shankha As Per Scriptures

Shankha is considered as the most scared symbol. It has been believed that the Shankha was mainly originated in the blending of oceans by various deities and was held by the Lord Vishnu as it is one of his weapons. In the Hindu Scriptures it has been mentioned that the with the command of the Lord Vishnu, deities the Sun, Moon and Varun are based at the bottom of Shankha, deity Prajapati is stationed at the surface, where as the deity Saraswati and Ganga stationed at the front of the Shankha. It has also been believed that the vibration caused with the blowing of Shankha destroys various kinds of diseases causing germs from the surrounding or the atmosphere. Due to this characteristic, it holds a very significant place in the Ayurveda as well as in medicine.

The directions of the Shankha’s space categories it into its two types. The one which holds the space at the right hand side when you hold it with its tip facing the frontal direction along with upward facing space, where as space coming on the left hand side is a left sided Shankha. The left sided shankha mainly used for the purpose of puja rituals.  

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