Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Benefits Of Dakshinwarti Shankha

Dakshinawarti Shankha is considered as lucky charm that is very rare to found. It can be described as a seashell that has it opening towards the right hand side and carries spiritual significance with it. It is also referred by the name of Vishnu Shankha. It has been believed that the Shankha helps an individual to overcome various troubles or hurdles and also acts a desire fulfiller.

The Dakshinawarti Shankha is also considered as the symbol of the Goddess Laxmi. It can be kept at the place of worship or in the locker of home or office to get the blessing of the goddess for better wealth and prosperity. It has also considered as a good source of good luck and fortune and purifies the environment when it is blown and removes all kind of evil energy from the surrounding.

Some of the benefits of Dakshinvarti Shankha:
  • Brings prosperity and enhances wealth.
  • Develops peace and calmness in its surrounding.
  • It improves the relationship of a couple, if it is placed in their bedroom.
  • Enhances the concentration power of a student and sharpens their skills.
  • It removes the effect of black magic, if holy water is sprinkle with the help of this Shankha.
  • Removes various dosha (ill-effects) such as bal-hatya, gau-hatya or Brahman-hatya.

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