Saturday, 13 October 2012

Significance Of Shankh

The Shankh can be described as the most auspicious and scared symbol. It has been believed that the magnum opus of the Hindu tradition or culture is surely incomplete without introduction of this scared symbol in it. Shankh is nothing but a conch shell. It has believed that the sound that gets created from this shankh removes all kind of impurities and negative energy from its surrounding leading a pure surrounding. The sound of the shankh also signifies victory of good on bad power. The symbol is very closely associated to the Goddess Lakshmi as well as Lord Vishnu.

The shankh plays a very significant role in Hindu culture and is getting used since ages. One a single ritual in Hindu culture can get complete without this symbol. It can also be described as a symbol of purity, luster, auspicious beginning and brilliance. It has been believed that the shankha got originated during Samudra Manthan. Basically there are two types of shanka that exist, right handed and the left handed shankh.

The right handed shankh are very rare to find and it has believed that if it is kept at the place of worship in the locker of home or office by an individual, enhances the wealth and prosperity.

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