Friday, 12 October 2012

Importance Of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant basically belongs to the family of basil, whose literal mean is “princely or royal”. This is considered as a holy plant in our Hindu culture or tradition and is getting worshiped since the history of the human being. It is one such plant that can be found at every house of India. In the various part of the country, the plants get referred by various names such as Surasha, Tulsa, Haripriya etc.

It is not just a holy plant; Tulsi is considered as an incarnation of Goddess herself. It has been believed that planting this plant outside the house or in courtyard and worshipping it on regular basis keeps all kinds of negative energy away from that place. The devotes of Lord Vishnu consider this plant as the Goddess Lakshmi, whereas the devotees of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna consider this plant as Sita and Radha, respectively.
Other than being a spiritual symbol, this plant also carries various physical healing attributes in it. It has been observed that person suffering from flu, cold, cough and throat problem gets a relief by consuming the leaves of this plant. It also carries properties to cure various skin related disorders in an individual.

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