Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Seven chakra colours and their influence
Here are the seven chakras of the body and the colours that represent them and how they influence a particular part of the body.

Root chakra: Red influences Adrenal glands - related to general life functions, reproduction, body fluids, regulation of temperature, bones and nerves.

Sacral chakra: Orange Influences the Gonadal – related to circulatory System, Energy production.

Solar plexus chakra: Yellow Influences the pancreas - related to mental Alertness, Nervous system, Digestion, Assimilation and Excretion.

Heart chakra: Green Influences the Thymus - related Immune system, respiratory system, cardio-vascular, ageing process.

Throat chakra: Light blue Influences the Thyroid gland – that regulates blood pressure, immune system, hormonal system (menopause).

Third Eye chakra. Dark blue Influences the pituitary gland – related to cognitive functions, growth, metabolism, synchronization of left and right brain hemispheres.

Crown chakra: Purple (Violet) Influences the pineal gland - related to neurotransmitters, integration of complementary energies, consciousness, and cosmic alignment

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