Sunday, 24 February 2013

Maha Shivaratri Spatika Lingam

Sphatika ShivLingam is essential in every home for Pooja. We have Linga from Half an inch onwards, hand made shivling are possible in sizes of half inch, one inch, one and half, two inches as per your requirement.

We Understand your exact requirement and supply as required and wanted by you.
Divine energy Glitters beautifully in the transparent pure sphatika Siva Lingam.

Offering of milk and water, or vihbuti to the sphatika Lingam removes curses and negative karma .
Puja performed to a sphatika Lingam will enhance ones confidence and power. Mantra siddhi or perfection of any particular mantra can be more easily obtained when
chanted before the spahtika Lingam with oferings.

Keeping a Quartz Linga and Chanting of Siva Panchakshari Mantra 108 times, with milk or vibhuti (holy ashes) the darkest sins are destroyed. chanting the Siva Panchakshari Mantra 108 times one will obtains great merit. 

The Holy Ashes or vibhui obtained from such worship is applied to the forehead. If one eats a pinch of that vibhuti, all
poverty, sins and diseases can be destroyed. If  sree Maha Mrutyumjaya Mantra is chanted for ,27 54 or 108 times while offering milk, water,  vibhuti many illness are cured. Accidents and other mishaps will also be prevented

Gazing the Crystal Ling or by viewing the sphatika Lingam, sorrows and difficulties will be relieved.
Epics and Learned Scholars say that Lord Siva is very fond of abhishekham. If the Siva
Panchakshari Mantra is repeated 108 times while offering 108 times of milk every Monday for twenty weeks desires will be fulfilled.

We also have and make wholesale shiva lingam. For requirement of 108 shiva lingams or 1008 spatika lingam you can contact srie connections at

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