Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sanctity of Yoni worship

Sanctity of Yoni worship

The sanctity must be preserved throughout the puja. In this outer Yoni puja either a sculpture of the goddess or of a living woman as the representative of the goddess is used. The sculpture is put in a reclined position and the offering is collected in a bowel and distributed to the assemblage attending the puja. 

If a woman is the centre of worship she too needs to be nude and the five elements known uner Hindu cosmology is poured gently on the yoni in turns The elements are Earth, represented by yogurt, Water by water, Fire by honey, Air by milk; and Ether by any one of the edible oils. The combined mixture of the five elements is consecrated in this manner and represents the pure form of  energy. The Goddess blesses the worshippers.

Those who consume this potion receive boons from the Her: child male or female, wealth, solutions to mundane problems etc. The sanctity is lost if lewdness comes ino play. Because, puja or worship is nothing but reverence toward Shakti!  

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