Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Brief information on the seven chakras

Brief information on the seven chakras.

Root chakra: is indicative of the foundation on which we build our being that includes our senses of touch, feel, experience etc. This is paramount to the life of Homo sapiens. Yes, it is located below the spine in the tailbone. What are its functions?  Its main function is related to money and food

Sacral chakra:  This is related to our skill to perceive others and accept them as friends and also new experiences. This chakra is located a couple of inches above the navel and two inches below the lower abdomen. Sacral chakra is related to feeling of abundance, pleasure and sexuality.

Solar plexus chakra: It is that element that gives the man the ability to be confident in his dealings and have complete control of his life. The location of this chakra is the upper abdomen. This enhances one’s self esteem, confidence and ones worth.

Heart chakra: Well this chakra has what everyone desires in life.: Love, the ability to love. The chakra is located above the heart, it is responsible for the finer instincts like love, happiness, joy and mental peace.

Throat chakra: Obviously the location is the throat itself, and provides the most important ability of man:  to communicate effectively.  In addition, it gives man the ability to express his feelings, and speak the truth.

Third Eye chakra. This element is located in the forehead between the eyes. This chakra is also is known as Brow chakra. This sense (chakra) is related to wisdom, to imagine on various objects, have premonition of events, think and take decisions at owr own discretion.

Crown chakra: This chakra is located right at the apex of our head. This element provides us the ability to connect our mind with the world of spirituality, internal and external beauty and enjoy divine bliss.

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