Friday, 24 August 2012

The History Of Tiger Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye gemstone belongs to chalcedony or quartz side of family. It has brown and gold bands within it. It is one of the chatoyant gemstones. As the gemstone is turned, there is smooth luster, showing its scintillating and bright gold bands. This happens because the light reflected within the fibrous thin bands within the stone. Tiger Eye has close cousin, called as Tiger Iron. Tiger Eye gemstone is majorly found in India, Burma, Namibia, Canada, South Africa, Western Australia, and USA.
Tiger Eye gemstone has Mohs hardness of 7 with Diamond being tough at 10. It has a trigon crystal system. It is a brown and gold color, hence of late; there has been few RED Tiger eye, which has been found. It is called as ‘Tiger Iron’ and is a mixture of Tiger Eye, black hematite, red jasper, making it looks amazing. The wavy and ripped bands of color frequently remind one of landscape view. Another form, Marra Mamba is a type of Tiger Iron found nearby area of Mount Brockman in Australia. It has green, blue, yellow, and red shades. It is bit scarce. The legends and myths surround Tiger’s eye is that it is a good for business, protector, and help in accomplishing clarity. It supports to distinct ‘fact from fiction.

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