Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rose Quartz And Lapis Lazuli Healing Stones For Children

Gemstones and crystals are the gifts by Earth. Kids have a natural empathy to crystals and gemstones and will frequently utilize all their senses to discover a new gemstone or crystal. Much frequently than the usual, they are capable to select the ‘correct’ one and know how to utilize it. Kids can respond very immediately to the healing energies of crystals and stones. But please keep in mind to consult to the best available capable medical support on the care of your kid.
  •  Rose Quartz -

The Rose quartz stone or ‘Love Stone’ is one more amazing healing crystal for kids, majorly those who have plenty of hurt feelings or violent tendencies. Rose Quartz can heal the broken devastated heart by seeing raw reality of life - the way things are, other than the way one wishes them to be. For agitated kids, Rose quartz soothes erratic emotional states, fear, anxiety, many more mental diseases, and compulsions.
  • Lapis Lazuli -

Lapis Lazuli is an amazing stabilizer for kids who show psychic gifts early in life. The deep blue color rouses growth of consciousness in very helpful way; it clarifies spiritual insight, and supporting purification. Lapis Lazuli imparts self-acceptance of one’s given gifts and boosts directness of one’s spiritual awareness. This gemstone is highly prized for its secured powers and spur of all psychic senses.

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