Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Powerful Healing Qualities Of Lapis Lazuli

In universal healing practices the lapis lazuli has numbers of uses. The moment it comes to chakra healing, the lapis lazuli stone is a stone of balance. It performs on the throat and brow chakras and equilibriums, both of these allows the patient to offer voice to those opinions, which were complicate to speak beforehand. In this procedure, the lapis also supports to stimulate the mind to allow objectivity and clarity to the patient when the bad thoughts are distributed with.

When you think about old usages of this stone, all of those usages point to things like enhancing psychic capability, clearness of mind, and protection. For Buddhists, this stone is considered to carry peaceful mind. Lapis lazuli is the first gemstone to be referred in bible, in Egypt, jewelers carved of lapis lazuli served security opposite the evil eye and black magic. Even in our day to day life we can use this stone for various purposes, some people use it for meditation. This gemstone’s pure beauty reminds few people the night sky. The aiding of honesty and compassion coupled with its inborn capability to support to uphold stress relief makes this gemstone an ideal one for anyone who needs to work in high pressure positions. 

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