Friday, 3 August 2012

Jade green Gem - Astrological Effect

Jade green stone has positive effect on whoever wears it. As the word suggests it opens up new vistas of achievement and wellbeing, leads one from shackles of darkness and uncertainty into the realm of light and successful future. 

It has the power to identify avarice from real want and helps in assisting the wearer to overcome all exigencies at all times. Jade is also known as ‘loin stone’ as it is found to have the healing properties with regard to kidneys and loins. It has the inexplicable ability to wean you away from unforeseen accidents and calamities and protects you from evil. 

It assists in strengthening mental powers and consolidates reasoning faculties. Wearing it is like having the magic to overcome misfortune and evil; it has that uncanny power to guide you in your growth, friendship, love and marriage leading to heavenly bliss.

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