Friday, 15 May 2015

Different linds of Shiv Lingam

1. Daiva-lingas are those installed and worshipped by the gods and other celestial beings, and thus named after them. They continue to exist in the present day and on earth, but their origin is traditionally ascribed to the gods.
2. Asura-lingas are those installed by the class of the wicked titans (known as asuras) but were pious and zealous devotees of Shiva (like Ravana);
3. Arsha-lingas were installed and worshipped by sages of yore (like Agastya).
4. Purana-lingas are those which have been celebrated as installed at the very distinct past by mythical personages.
5. Manusha-lingas are those that have been caused to be made by human patrons (rulers, chieftans, wealthy folk etc) in historical times
6. Svayambhu-lingas are the forms which Shiva assumed to manifest himself.

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  1. Thanks for Sharing a nice article about different types of lingam
    Svayambhu Lingas
    is natural shivling found in narmada river.