Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Flower Yoga

" Flower Yoga "

Don't think this is another new Yoga, Just sharing a small thought on " Padmasana "

Hatha Yoga, a major branch of Yoga, the lotus position, padmasana, is adopted by those striving to reach the highest level of consciousness, which itself is found in the thousand-petaled lotus chakra at the top of the head.

Padmasana, “posturing of the body like a lotus.”

Like the traditional yantra grids around which temples are shaped, the yogis shape their bodies around the model of the open lotus flower, summoning the harmonious forces that will assist in the blossoming of their consciousness. For divine consciousness is the ultimate symbol the lotus stands for.

Lotus blossom not only adorns every contemporary yogi, but it adorns the history of the human race as the crown symbol most frequently and consistently engaged to communicate something divine, something perfect, a harmony that excels human experience. Composed of multiple concentrically arranged petals, represents a synchronized unity, in which many parts join together to function as a whole. From the innate potential within a budding lotus, to the fully opened blossom, the journey is aimed at purely imbibing the three constituents of divine being sat, cit and ananda.

Love - Light - Peace


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