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Rudraksha: the significance of faces

The name Rudraksha is made of two words: Rudra, the violent and worrier form of Shiva, and Aksha which means eye, or in this context ‘tears’. Rudraksha trees grow in mountainous regions like Himalayan range. That is the reason when it comes to selecting genuine Rudraksha beads; people consider rudrakshas from Nepal better than the variants available in India. The rudraksha bead comes in different sizes, however the value of a rudraksha is decided by the number of faces it has.
The faces or the mukhs of rudrakshas are separating lines that extends from top of the seed to the base.  The important aspect of focusing on faces of Rudrakshas is that those faces are not simply cleft lines on a seed; they have a significance deeper than that.

Rudrakshas and their faces:
Ek Mukhi / Single Face:  Relates with the pure consciousness. Directly connects with the Lord Shiva.
Fused/ Double Bead: Fused Rudrakshas represents infinity
Do Mukhi / Two Face: Such Rudrakhsas are associated with Ardhnareshwar form of Lord Shiva.
Tree Mukhi/ Three Faces:  The three-faced Rudraksha is representative of Agni. It is therefore associated with the heart chakra of the body. Wearer of such rudraksha gets cure from fear, guilt and depression and such psychologically inferiority complexes.
ChaturMukhi / Four Faces: Symbol of Brahma. The rudraksha is thus associated with the power of memory and creation.
PanchMukhi / Five Faces: Most suitable for anyone out of all rudrakshas, this five-faced rudraksha is associated with Rudra. It brings health and peace to the wearer and good for everyone
ShashthaMukhi/ Six Faces: Kartikeya (increases inteliigence, steady mind, sexual functions)
SaptaMukhi/ Seven Faces: Mahalakshmi (Wealth)
AshtMukhi/ Eight Faces: Ganesha (Removes obstacles, brings success)
NavMukhi/ Nine Faces: Shakti (Energy and Power)
DashaMukhi/ Ten Faces: Vishnu
EkadashMukhi/ Eleven Faces: Hanuman (Wisdom, right judgement)
DwadashMukhi/ Tweleve Faces: Surya (Good for administrators and executives)

In ancient scriptures, rudrakshas upto 14- faces have been mentioned. Although with exploration, rudrakshas upto 21-faces have been found. Overall Rudrakshas should be wore on the basis of one’s body chakras and one’s planetary influences. To know more about Rudrakhsas , you can log on to

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