Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Benefits of Parad Shivling worship at Home

Parad shivling worship will harmonise the relationships among all members of the family. Parad lingam  ensures a home of prosperity, shanthi/ peace. Every want will be taken care and ever single prayer will be bestowed.
It is said that worshipping mercury or parad in a shivlinga form or a Parad shivling has the exclusive power to invoke  the connectivity with Goddess Saraswati, whom is the Goddesses of Knowledge and wisdom . Children will be blessed with this power to take interest in what they see, study and make them learn what is useful and keep them focused on their studies.

Worshiping the paradling on Mondays will bring lot of Growth changes with regards to career, service, wealth, relationships, health mental and physical.
Worshipping the parad linga corrects building abnormalities – vastu dosha. This is very important because this dosha can effect the holistic development of the family.
Women and Man of a family always looks forward to success in the material world and thereafter through salvation (moksa). Parad shivling worship offers this in totality.

Talk with srie connections at for the requirement of Padarasa Lingam / Parad shivling for your home.
Om Namah Shivaya.

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  1. Parad Shivling Puja at home can bring immense blessings of lord shiva and gives happiness to the family members and surroundings,parad shivling benefits are good health,wealth and it helps one to get close to lord shiva