Saturday, 25 May 2013

Get the Power of Confidence with Tiger Stone

Tiger eye or Tiger Stone  is of dark yellow color with a kind of Golish shine sometimes together with black and brown. Looking at the Tigerstone we will feel as if looking at a tiger.

It is also called Chiti in Hindi. It contains golden brown lines. Polishing is done to brighten the gemstone. This looks like the eye of a tiger hence, it is called Tiger Eye. It is believed that the sub-stone removes darkness from a person’s life and brings happiness in his life. It increases fortune of a person.

It is believed that Tiger Eyes or Tiger stone  is good for the development of a persons brain. It increases the quality of team spirit of an individual. A person becomes aware of his needs by relating to others necessities. By wearing a carved Tiger eye, a person gets success in gaining spiritual knowledge and performing meditation.
Tiger eye brings happiness and prosperity in a persons life.

Makes financial strong and the person wearing this sub-stone never have to face lack of money.

 An individual Solar Plexus Chakra is weak should wear Tiger Eye.

People having speech fault can wear Tigerstone
Increases confidence of a person.

Tiger eye should be worn by people who are afraid in saying their point of view.

It reduces nightmares and a person gets a good sleep.

This sub-stone is useful for ill and weak people.

Person going on a journey should wear this sub-stone. It makes them safe. Tiger eye is favorable for people who are mostly on trips. 
Tiger stone increases the mental capacity of an individual. It strengthen the will power and motives of a person. This has many miraculous properties. In ancient days, Tiger eye was worn by soldiers in the battle field because it was believed that Tiger eye used o give lease of life to soldiers. I helps an individual of have good concentration power.

Spiritually Tiger stone is considered as a Stone for Mother Godess Kali Durgha. Hence worshippers of Mother Goddesses wear this Lovely Gemstone as a ring or a pendent or as a Bracelet. 

Many people to get confidence keep the Gemstone in their wallet as a Protection stone and giving confidence. We at srie connections can supply this for any kind of your utility purpose.

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