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What is Lingam

 What is Lingam

Lingam Consits of two Words Lim and Gam.  Lim means all objects comes to an end and remains stagnant at one place. Gam means the place of recreation. Limgam is a symbol this auspicious swarupam belongs to Lord Shiva.

Sivalingam: Sivalingam literally means the body of Siva. Next to the symbol of AUM, it is perhaps the most potent, powerful and popular symbol in entire Hinduism. In almost all the Siva temples, worship is generally made to Sivalingas only. Very rarely we come across his images in the sanctum sanctorum of any Siva temple. A Sivalingam is usually a round or cylindrical and protruding object. The cylindrical part is held firmly by a circular base.

On the physical plane, the object resembles the male sexual organ, suggestive of the creative power of Siva. The circular base resembles that of the female, suggestive of his consort Parvathi. Physically a Sivalingam is a phallic symbol, representing the male and female sexual organs in a state of conjugal bliss. Mentally it symbolizes the union of mind and body. Spiritually it represents the union between Purusha and Prakriti, the highest principles of the manifest universe.

The Sivalingam is also symbolic of the Supreme Self. It is verily Maheswara Himself, the Highest Self and the Lord of the universe. In this aspect it has three parts. The lower part represents Brahma. The middle part, which is octagonal in shape, represents Vishnu. The upper part, which is cylindrical in shape, represents Rudra and is also called Pujabhaga since it receives the actual offerings of milk and other substances.

Shiva lingam is Trimurthy Swaroopam, Top Cylidrical portion is Lord Shiva,  middle portion is Vishnu and the base is Bramha.Worshiping Shiva Lingam means worshioing all the three gods together.There are two varities of lingams, Parartha Lingam and Istha lingam

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