Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Harmony and obeisance with sandalwood beads mala

This Mala is generally 25 inches in length with 108 beads and each bead is 8mm in thickness, is the purest substance in the Indian religious rituals. It is said that this Mala never loses its beautiful fragrance. If you wear this Sandalwood Mala it would have a therapeutic effect on you. It is said to purify the wearer other than soothing him. If you happen to be suffering from eczema, skin cancer, ulcers or herpes you would get a great relief from these illnesses. This Mala, if worn, has cooling properties on the wearer. If you wear this Mala you are sure to get a good life and would commence on the path of spiritualism. The fragrance of the Mala has a generally uplifting effect on the heart and mind. You are certain to sport a glow on your face, since it gets rid of the pitta dosha in your body and helps you to control your senses. You would be encompassed in peace and tranquility. 

It would give you a very clear perception of your life and this Mala may be used to worship any deity which your heart desires. It is said to attract subtle vibrations which has a positive effect on the user.

It awakens intelligence and depression is lifted. It is said that the person who adorns himself with this Mala, the Gods shower their blessings on him and he becomes capable to attain good health, happiness and peace of mind. You certainly are lucky to have this Sandalwood Mala for your all round development and your success is just round the corner.

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