Monday, 23 April 2012

Ruby gem stone - Bana Linga & its benefits

 Bana Lingas
The Ruby gemstone egg is called the Bana Lingam originated from the highest realms of vibrations when compared to any other stone. They originate from only one place on this Earth and that is from the bed of the River Narmada, which is considered holy by our scriptures. The Bana Lingas have formed on their own and therefore they are called Swayambhu Shiva Lingas and due to their place of origin they are also known as Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingas or Narmada Shiva Lingas.
These upright egg shaped Banalingas represents the Lord Shiva’s pure consciousness and the sacred markings on this auspicious stone represents his consort, Goddess Shakti. Their union marks the coming together of the Supreme Male and Female energies, that is, Shiva and Shakti, the former stands for Wholeness and the latter for Oneness. It is a sublime merging of The Divine Knowledge with Wisdom. These cosmic eggs from the Sacred Narmada are said to have already been worshipped and have sacred markings over the Linga’s body which are the characteristics of these Gods. Samkabha Mastaka- the conch shell mark on top, shows that it has been worshipped by Lord Vishnu, The Padma- Lotus Mark indicates that it was worshipped by Lord Brahma and The Chhatra- Parasol Mark reveals that it was prayed by Lord Indra. There are many such Lingas with their respective explanations.

Spiritual Significance
If you own the Banalinga worshipped by Lord Devendra it would satisfy all your desires and you would be blessed with sovereignity. If you are looking for wisdom and yogic powers, the Nairrti Bana Linga is for you which appears like a sword and has the marks of stain on it. The round shape Varuna Bana Linga carrying the distinct mark of a noose would bring you prosperity. These Bana Lingas are holiest of the holy and are extremely worthy of worship. Remarkably they need not be consecrated and made worthy of worship because they naturally contain the vibhuti of God in them. The worship of the Bana Lingas compared to other normal Lingas, are most effective, and they bring about faster and better results. Nothing can defile them and under no circumstance they lose their significance. In fact they do not even need the normal Invocation or Avahana, since the divine presence is already there, with or without the rituals.
It is believed that the correct size of these Lingas for worship must be a minimum of 4 inches or more. Bana Lingas smaller than 4 inches could be worn as a pendant or carried as mobile Lingas. There are no defined rituals for worshipping this wonderful deity but there is a Tantric mantra which specifies a dhyana for the worship of the Bana Lingas. It is completely different from what we practice for the normal Lingas, which a normal householder may find it unusual.
There is no doubt that the merits of worshipping a Bana Linga surpass that of any other holy deity. Worshipping one such Bana Linga is equal to worshipping a crore of other Shiva Lingas. It is so powerful that even surmising about it in the early hours of the day would guarantee success in all that the person would do during the course of the day. It bestows both worldly welfare and emancipation from the worldly pleasures. The Narmada Bana Linga helps unite the Lower Consciousness with the Higher Consciousness and we get to know our own divine self as we seek to know the Divine. It is believed that it cleanses your sins and curses. It has strong healing energy, activates the kundalini energy, the seven chakras to activating the feelings of well being, peace and wipes out negative energies.
Though it is an epitome of masculine energy, love and attraction it is also magically capable of directing sexual energy to spiritual enlightenment.
You may use the Holy Narmada Bana Linga to harness positive energies both in your homes and work place. It is said that when the time is ripe this Bana Linga would creep into your life when you are ready to receive it.

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  1. thanks for sharing a good article on Narmada shivling and i have a Narmada stone in my puja room,the Natural Shivling has changed my life and gave me immense happiness and blessings